Blood Cholesterol: What it can do and How to Control it

Cholesterol is a compound produced in the body’s liver and is also present in certain types of food that performs multiple functions in the body. By nature, it is waxy, thick, and oil like substance that our cells need in order to be able to produce certain hormones. Major foods that contain cholesterol are animal foods, especially red meat, such as pork, beef, and lamb. Others include whole milk and eggs.

Why Excess Cholesterol is Dangerous

While cholesterol plays a vital role in the sustainment of the human body, too much of it in the bloodstream can be dangerous. When too much of cholesterol is built up in the bloodstream either by the foods we eat or by the cholesterol metabolized in the liver, what happens is that our blood vessels, i.e. arteries and veins, get a deposit of cholesterol on their surface which constricts the blood flow.

Now, the amount of blood that reaches the heart in any certain time interval is determined by the heart’s pumping capacity and the capacity of the arteries to carry blood. When cholesterol builds up on the inner surface of arteries, their capacity to carry blood is reduced. This result in the heart getting less oxygen than it should, and can lead to chest pain.

This kind of chest pain is called angina.

Sometimes, constant layering of cholesterol inside the arteries can harden the arteries and lead to coronary artery disease. Also, in some cases, the arteries get entirely blocked due to deposition of hardened cholesterol which can prevent blood from reaching the heart altogether. This results in myocardial infarction which is commonly known as a heart attack.
Therefore, high level of cholesterol is dangerous to you.

Do you have High Cholesterol?

If you are over forty and have not yet had your cholesterol levels checked, it might be a good time to see your general physician and ask for a thorough overall check-up. If, upon testing, you find that your cholesterol levels are high, then you would probably have to take measures to keep it down and under control.

How to Lower Cholesterol

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How CholesLo Helps

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